Board of Trustees

The Sugar Bowl Ski Team & Academy Board of Trustees oversees both Sugar Bowl Academy and the Sugar Bowl Ski Team. The Board of Trustees reflects the SBSTA's mission and vision, drawing its expertise from many areas. Members are passionate skiers from the fields of education, law, finance and the service professions.

The role of the Board of Trustees is to ensure that Sugar Bowl Ski Team & Academy's mission is appropriately carried out through the Academy and Ski Team programs. The Board tracks and monitors SBSTA's progress toward fulfilling its mission, plans for its future and ensures that SBSTA has financial and leadership resources to achieve its strategic vision. Board members do not serve to represent particular constituencies, nor does the Board have any involvement in the day-to-day operations of the Academy or Ski Team programs.


  • Al Adams
  • Greg Dallas
  • Brendan Dyson
  • Jim Ellis
  • Jeff Hamilton
  • Stacey Herhusky
  • John Horsch
  • Jim Kelly
  • Kate Krehbiel
  • Perry Norris
  • Graeme Plant
  • Daron Rahlves
  • Dave Riggs, Secretary
  • Chris Schadlich, Treasurer
  • Matt Service
  • Steve Shray, Chair
  • Brent Talbott
  • Jim Taylor
  • Sue Tunnell