Located on Donner Summit near Lake Tahoe, Sugar Bowl Ski Team lays the foundation for passionate skiers to embrace challenge with grit, grace and courage.

The Details.


Sugar Bowl Ski Team & Academy is a non-profit organization. If you pay for Ski Team fees by check instead of credit card, you can save us up to 3%, which we can invest in training, equipment, and support of our athletes. Checks should be made payable to SBSTA and mailed to:

Norden, CA 95724

You can also pay online by e-check or credit card by clicking here:

If you choose to pay online, help us keep our costs down by paying by e-check. We will be charging a $25 Insufficient Funds fee for e-check in the event the check doesn't clear.

In order to receive the early bid pricing, we must receive payment in full by May 31, 2018. If we do not receive full payment by May 31, fees will increase to the next tier of pricing. 

If you have any questions about registration, please contact the Business Office at 530.269.7401 or  admin@sbst.org

If you have questions about payment (including the status of your volunteer deposit), please contact the Business Office at accounting@sbst.org.



In recognition of the financial commitment families have made to skiing, SBST has developed a team fees refund policy for injury/illness related removal from the team. In the event an athlete sustains an injury or incurs an illness that does not allow them to rejoin the team for the remainder of the season, there is a schedule allowing for partial or full refunds depending on the date (posted in the team handbook given at orientation). NO REFUNDS ARE AVAILABLE FOR REASONS OTHER THAN INJURY OR ILLNESS.

Additional Fees

Volunteer Deposit – In addition to tuition, each family is required to pay a $450 work deposit, which will be billed to your account in the fall. If required hours are fulfilled, a credit will be issued at the end of the season. Hour requirements are 22 hours per family, 11 hours per single household where two parents or guardians are not present and 11 hours per mid-week family. All weekend program families are required to volunteer for at least one race day, one day of lunch setup and two days of lunch clean up.

Parent Association Dues – The Sugar Bowl Ski Team & Academy Parents Association (PA) is the unified parent organization for the Ski Team & Academy. In addition to tuition, all families will be charged $30 for annual PA dues.


Should you have any questions, please contact the Business Office Monday through Friday at 530.269.7401 or email Todd Martyn-Jones, Director of Finance and Business Operations.