ELITEAM is coming to Sugar Bowl Ski Team & Academy!


Sugar Bowl Ski Team & Academy is excited to partner with ELITEAM to host a two-day ELITEAM Clinic for 11-14 year olds on June 25-26, 2018.


ELITEAM will use SBSTA's facilities, as well as the natural playground that surrounds the Sugar Bowl Resort. From ski-specific exercises in the gym, to rock workouts by the lake, to an adventure hike with slosh pipes up the mountain, this clinic will be packed with activities, learning and fun.


ELITEAM's goals are three-fold:

To educate young athletes on the concepts of sports physiology, sports psychology, and sports nutrition

To inspire these athletes to push their limits while embracing and learning from mistakes

To create an energized and fun atmosphere of non-stop action and adventure that will motivate the racers to train hard over the summer months



Clinic Information

ELITEAM founders Doug and Kelley Lewis have been running ELITEAM for 26 years, and their program will inspire the campers to dig deep. ELITEAM alumni are everywhere, from US Ski Teamers Mikaela Shiffrin and Alice Merrywether, to coaches, adventurers and fitness experts. Campers will leave energized and focused to work hard throughout the summer.


Lead by Olympian Doug Lewis and supported by coaches from ELITEAM and Sugar Bowl Academy,  the Clinic features workouts to help improve each athlete's balance, agility, coordination, strength and power. The athletes work hard and have fun as they push their limits with a variety of traditional and unique workouts. ELITEAM strongly believes in developing "complete" athletes, so each day will also include a workshop on either Sports Physiology, Psychology, or Nutrition.


All clinic attendees will receive an ELITEAM Notebook that details the themes and activities covered during the clinic. It will also contain a variety of workbook pages for athletes to fill out as well as journal pages in the back. This will be a great resource for the athletes to refer to throughout the summer months, and will provide inspiration and direction during their competition season.


Themes and Activities

Sports Physiology: Agility, Strength, Cardiovascular, Mobility, Rest, Core, Injuries

Sports Psychology: Goals, Focus, Grit, Failure, Competition Plan, Distraction Plan, Positive Self-Talk, Confidence

Sports Nutrition: Nutrients, Important Meals, Recovery Food, Travel Food, Hydration

Activities Include: Ski-specific exercises, agility/balance/strength/power exercises, hiking, rock workout, sufferfest, mobility, dance, cooking, games, obstacle course, and notebook meetings


Sample Schedule

8:00: Morning Meeting

8:30: Morning workout session with a snack

11:30: Lunch (bring your own)

12:30: Notebook Session

1:30: Afternoon workout session with a snack

4:30: Afternoon Meeting


Information and to Register

Get ready for lots of action, adventure, learning and fun for two full days next June. Space is limited, and we expect this clinic to sell out, so be sure to sign up soon! Registration opens January 15th!


For more information and to register, visit www.eliteam.com or call Doug & Kelley Lewis at (802) 793-5055.