Located on Donner Summit near Lake Tahoe, Sugar Bowl Ski Team lays the foundation for passionate skiers to embrace challenge with grit, grace and courage.

Learning Formidable Form.

Whether your child wants to go to the Olympics as a member of the US Ski Team, or just have fun skiing gates, we'll provide them with every opportunity possible.

We’ll help your child develop the skills necessary to race on some of the most demanding courses around in all alpine racing disciplines: Slalom (SL), Giant Slalom (GS), Super Giant Slalom (SG or “Super-G”) and Downhill (DH). It’s not just about going fast and shaving off seconds (although that’s a big part); it’s also about learning to perfect one’s form and technique, to ski safely and responsibly, and to develop life skills that lead them to celebrate challenge with grit, grace and courage.

Our program promotes the value of hard work and perseverance, emphasizes a positive atmosphere, stresses long-term athletic development through sport science, and challenges and supports athletes by pushing them beyond what they think they can achieve.

Alpine Racing U10-U14

Our U10-U14 alpine racing programs are designed for motivated skiers who wish to pursue ski racing at USSA levels in SL, GS and Super-G. This program emphasizes skiing in all conditions with advanced skill development.

Eligibility: All intermediate (and better)* skiers with approval from head coach.

Ages (as of December 31, 2019): 9 - 13.

2019/2020 U10/u12 coaching staff:

2019/2020 u14 coaching staff:

2019/2020 Tuition (includes season pass): $4,179

Alpine Racing U16 and U19

Racing at the U16 and U19 level in USSA competition requires significant commitment and travel throughout the west for races. Training will focus on refining SL, GS, SG and Downhill (DH) skills and preparing athletes to move up to FIS (International Ski Federation) competition.

Eligibility: Advanced skiers, with approval from

Ages (as of December 31, 2019): 14-15.

Nicole Cordingley - Head U16 Women’s Coach

Andrew Becker - Head U16 Men’s Coach

Nick Cohee - Head Men’s U19 Coach

Mike Prado - Head Women’s U19 Coach

2019/2020 Tuition (includes season pass): $4,485


Please contact the Ski Team Office or Eric Harlow eharlow@sbacademy.org or admin@sbst.org if you have questions about the proper placement of your child9

Our Alpine Training Facilities Include:

  • A private race arena at Sugar Bowl Resort accessed by a high-speed quad, outfitted with a cutting-edge watering system and dedicated snowmaking equipment.
  • Multiple full-length Giant Slalom and speed training venues at Sugar Bowl Resort as well as alternate training venues at neighboring resorts to ensure the appropriate variety in terrain.
  • Access to 1,500 vertical feet, 1,650 acres and 12 lifts.